WE …need a new home!

After 30 years of skillful improvising we would like to give our kindergarten a new, own home. Here is what makes us take this step:

In the last few years our waiting list has constantly grown – and we have gotten more and more reluctant with every family we had to put off. The building we are currently using does not meet the requirements of our educational needs for our 60 children. It is clear that we have to move on. The building we envision

  • should offer enough space for 4 – 5 groups, also in order to be able to reduce the group size to 25 children
  • should have an office
  • should also provide storage rooms, where we can stow our crafting materials as well as toys and items for our nature tables when we don’t use them
  • a larger room for eurythmy lessons and parent assemblies, or even for pedagogic workshops and lectures

…and as the icing on the cake: a small store and/or café, where we can offer beautiful and sensible toys or handcrafted objects as well as creating space for exchange

Our vision is

  • to be an institution that offers an educational alternative with decades of experience
  • to be an institution that integrates children with all abilities and origins
  • to be an institution that appreciates the potential of every member of our kindergarten

YOU …would like to be part of this project?

Donations are welcome and valued for the benefit of our children.